The problem

Just like me 2 years ago– You’re probably stuck in a job you don’t like while studying for a degree you don’t need…

And just like me, you’ve probably gone down the “make money online” rabbit hole, but here’s the problem with that…


Everyone and their weird neighbour is trying to make money online the old way– SMMA, Dropshipping, FBA, Crypto, the list goes on. There is a low demand but a huge supply.


95% of methods take agonizing months just to see a hint of profit, if at all.


The learning curve is steep, you need to learn countless skills and set up intricate systems or hire teams before even starting.

Low success

High competition, ridiculous time investment, mind-numbing complexity, and medium to high startup cost, all lead to the chance of success sitting near 0.

So let me introduce you to-

Your next step

The new way…

“How the f@#% do you make all that money?”

In 2022 I was working a dead-end 9-5 at a restaurant just after high school.

Today I’m travelling the world and making 5x a doctor’s salary while working less than 2 hours a day.

All through my online clothing brand…

Building a clothing brand is your vehicle for financial, time and location freedom…

Here’s why:

Huge demand

People will always buy fresh, good-looking clothes from new brands.

Insanely quick

We have students who make their first $10k within 2 weeks of starting…


We break making your first $10k down into 4 simple steps and provide everything you need to do so…

Low entry

You can start for as little as $30 (Shopify store)

How we get you to $10k p/m

Your $10k p/m roadmap for the next 90 days

Signup TODAY and In 90 days from now, you can be living a completely different life.

1Phase one



We will help you set up a viral brand with a killer logo within 60 minutes of signing up - No design experience needed.

2Phase two

Product creation


We then help you create a viral product. For some students it takes just 2 weeks for their product to make $10k… Here we also teach you how to find reliable, cheap manufacturers for your product.

3Phase three

Tech Setup


Next, we give you access to industry secrets and templates responsible for creating the highest converting websites possible. We make it so easy your Grandma could build one of these websites…

4Phase four



Finally, we share every tactic and strategy we use to blow up stores with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Paid and organic methods–We hold nothing back.

5Phase five

Bonus: Auto pilot


After you’re making $10k p/m with your clothing brand, we teach you everything needed to scale and detach yourself from the business so you can basically print money while working an hour a day.

6Phase six

Bonus: Become a millionaire


Finally, we will hand you our “7-figure blueprint”. Here, Jarius Curry, co-owner of New Age Wealth, will guide you through the exact steps he took to transform his clothing brand into a multi-million dollar business. Learn how to replicate his success, step by step.

Everything you get

Join Brand Discovery today and get access to

30+ Exclusive Video Courses

Most Gurus charge you $997 for 10 mediocre video courses all with info you can just find for free on YouTube…
But inside Brand Discovery, we provide you with a growing library of 30+ video modules filled with completely exclusive content.
Each video is fully DMCA-protected to ensure this…
Everything inside

Sells for $2,997

4x Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week we host four coaching calls in the community. This is your chance to ask questions directly to active 6 and 7-figure brand owners and receive immediate, personal responses.
1 call with Eyad Mokhtar ($1,000,000 p/y brand owner)
1 call with Jarius Curry ($1,000,000 p/y brand owner)
2 calls with our 6 figure brand partners (Minimum $100k/y brand)
Every single week.

Sells for $500p/h

Unlimited 1-1 6-figure coaching

Schedule 1-1 coaching sessions with our 6 figure brand partners. These coaches are ACTIVELY running 6 figure clothing brands and are there to answer any of your questions whenever you have them…

Sells for $500 p/h

Monthly 7-Figure Professional Calls

Every month we bring in an external–Highly skilled and experienced coach to run a session inside the community. These coaches are the highest level you can find and are running 7-8 figure brands…

Calls with these coaches would cost you upwards of $2,000 p/h if you were to schedule it yourself.

Sells for $2,000 p/h

Elite network

Gain access to a private clothing brand discord community. A collection of like-minded individuals all sharing what they learn on their journey.

Sells for $47 p/m

BONUS: 7-Figure Blueprint

By joining on this page you also get access to a super advanced program hosted by Jarius Curry (A multi 7-figure brand owner.)

Inside he will teach you how to scale to 7 figures with your clothing brand step-by-step.

Sells for $3497p/m

BONUS: Plug & Play sheets

We will also hand you “plug & play” sheets. These templates and frameworks have been rigorously tested and have been used to generate millions of dollars across 100s of Clothing Brand niches.
Winning creatives, headline copy, conversion rate-optimised websites. You name is, we probably have a sheet for it.

Sells for $97–$497 per sheet

We offer the most extensive, detailed and effective clothing brand education.

But don’t trust us.

Trust our obnoxiously long wall of success stories

Signup TODAY and In 90 days from now, you can be living a completely different life.

Get access to brand discovery

Start or scale your $10k p/m Clothing Brand TODAY

By joining today you get lifetime access

Brand Discovery



One-Time Payment

Get lifetime access to everything inside brand discovery.

One-time fee of $1497, no hidden charges.

Brand discovery program($2,997)

Unlimited Access To A Personal 1-1 Coach($500p/h)

7 figure blueprint($3,497)

Monthly professional calls ($2,000 p/h)

Exclusive Clothing Brand Community ($47 p/m)

“Plug and play sheets” ($97–$497 per sheet)

Monthly guest calls($500 p/h)

From the desk of Eyad Mokhtar
- April 2024

Trust me –

In just 3 months, everything can change.

- The car you drive

- The house your mom lives in

- The lifestyle you live

I know it’s true because it happened to me.

I went from knowing nothing about making money online.

To running a 6 figure clothing brand.

In 90 days…

90 days from now you’re–

Waking up excited every day because you’re doing something you enjoy.

You’ve quit the job you can’t stand and you’re no longer studying for a degree you don’t care about.

You’re well on the way to retiring your Mom or buying her dream home.

You’re shopping without worrying about prices or going out to eat without thinking twice about picking up the bill.

All in just 90 days…

Try to remember what you were doing 3 months ago.

Chances are, it was pretty much the same thing you're doing now.

So I know It might seem hard to believe so much can change in such a short time.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You might lose 30 minutes of your time.

But at best? Your entire life could change.

- Yad

On The Fence?

Look, we get it. This is a big decision and you’ve probably got some questions.

If you’re not fully convinced, let's hop on a call and see what we can do to help you–No matter what stage you’re at.

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